Σάββατο, 29 Μαρτίου 2014

Supreme Scrap Tournament - Scrap Diva - Grand Finale

Hellooooo ladies! 

The end of the tournament is near!  It's been super fun and I want to thank you all so so much for voting for my creations!!! 

This time the challenge had 2 parts. First we were asked to pick at least 4 patterned 30x30 papers and at least 10 items not from our stash but from the trash ;) And we had to do that without knowing what they would ask us to do in the second round!

So I started with these papers 

And these items... 

1. Old book pages
2. brown and black wire 
3. old rusted coins
4. construction tape
5. painters tape
6. brown and blue wrapping paper
7. aluminum foil
8. cork surface 
9. keys
10. pieces of a broken hand fan
11. burlap from an olive picking sack
12. corrugated chipboard from packaging
13. frozen pizza box 
14. tea bags 
15. coffee filters
16. pharmaceutical gauze
17. napkin
18. paper clips
19. packaging string
20. product tags
21. staples
22. bottle caps 
23. old newspaper

This was the most difficult challenge of the tournament... well, as it should be since it's the finale... But we had to  use every different item in the list and nothing else... No colours, no mists, no mediums... nothing! We could dry emboss an use cutting machines... and that's all we could do actually!

I had a very hard time because in the first round I made a huge list of stuff... big mistake hahaha

So, this is my layout for the "This is me" challenge...
I decided to use photos of me, from a little girl to a woman

And they also asked us to put numbers on the elements that were in the list or the elements that were made from items in the list so.... here it is...

I used the brown tissue paper on aluminum foil and embossed them together in my big shot... That way I could use it as a photo mat for a couple of the photos (number 6) without having to show too much of the aluminum foil and show more of the brown tissue paper. 

I used the black wire to make a "connector" between the photos. 

The splatter on the background is how I used my tea bags. So, that's tea and not colour. I also used the string of the tea bags for my tags. 

I'm sure there are more I need to say but I stayed up to finish this and now my brain is not working properly. Feel free to ask anything you want in a comment! 

I hope you like it!

It's been a fun tournament, I had a blast!
 Good luck to all the girls :) 

Τρίτη, 25 Μαρτίου 2014

Supreme Scrap Tournament - Card Diva- Grand Finale

Goodmorning ladies! 

I still can't believe that I made it to the final round! Thank you all so so much for voting for my creations... It's been a blast and sooo interesting to see super talented creative ladies making amazing things under difficult - VERY DIFFICULT hahahah conditions

This time the challenge had 2 parts. First we were asked to pick at least two patterned 30x30 papers and at least 10 items not from our stash but from anywhere else ;) And we had to do that without having the slightest idea what the challenge would be in part 2 of the challenge. 

So I started with these papers 

And these items... 

1. Scraps of tulle 
2.  jewelry wire
3. pink embroidery thread
4. piece of chain from a broken necklace
5. coffee filter
6. pins
7. piece of pink fabric
8. piece of a Halloween black hat with feathers
9. corrugated pieces of packaging 
10. pink decorative pebbles for flowerpots

And then, they announced the challenge... Use everything and nothing else hahahaha so to make a card using 3 30x30 papers... I had to make it a bigger one and a layered one of course. 

So I made a 7" tall card and I chose a tri-fold so I can use up the papers... Actually only little scraps of papers were left in the end

So, this is the card without the explanations 

And here is the card with the explanations of where I used what from my list of items

So, I made her dress from the piece of pink fabric and then used the scraps of tulle over it and for the waist. I made her a wire bracelet, and put decorative pebbles for flowerpots in her hair. I used the piece of chain on her dress and as a necklace (you can't see it, I put the hair over it) 

I cut the heads off the pins and used them as flower centers. I used the coffee filters to cut flowers and leaves for embellishments. I used also the corrugated packaging material to cut flowers. The words you see on the right, where already on the teal 30x30 paper so I cut them out

But the most difficult part of this was her hair. I made them by using feathers from the halloween hat and I couldn't get them to stick there just right but in the end I made it! 

It was super fun! Good luck to all the girls :) 

Σάββατο, 15 Μαρτίου 2014

Supreme Scrap Tournament - Card Diva - Round 4

Thank you all for helping me get to round 4! <3 

So, this time we had to make a card without any paint except pencils 
and we also had to have two hidden elements. I did make two cards, the one while I was sick and had a fever and then I changed my mind and made another one

The idea popped in my head at the doctors office! Two girls were sitting next to me in the waiting area and were talking about how one of them "caught" the virus... and bing! I thought of this card. 

It was actually really hard to transfer the idea from my head to an actually working card. 
Harder than I thought hahaha

So, the front of the card looks like this

There is a thick wire in the middle of the moving part of the card and when you turn the heart on top the card changes. You also have to pull the brad up to change the sentiment

And the card changes to this one :)

I hope you like it!!! Good luck to everyone :) 

Δευτέρα, 10 Μαρτίου 2014

Supreme Scrap Tournament - Scrap Diva - Round 4

Hey ladies! 
I can't believe I made it to round 4!!! 
Thank you <3

This was a tough challenge for me! I love mixed media and this time it was good old classic scrapbooking ;) 

Double layout, 8 photos, no inks at all, not even for stamping... I really had to think about this one ;) 
I never ever made a layout like this before, I actually had to do some research on how to hide elements but I did have fun! I'll admit, this tournament keeps us on our toes!

So I went all out and hid almost everything hahaha... and after a lot... A LOT of fussy cutting I'm finally done! so,  let's go! Sorry for the long post but I can't show you any other way... 

This is the layout with everything hidden... 

Let's start by pulling those little clouds down :) They are glued under the "sky" and are hanging with twine. 


So this is how it looks now... let's count the photos. You can see one on the blue bird house, one is my dog, and one where she is holding the little bird. That's 3 photos

4th photo is revealed by opening the door of the birdhouse! 
There's my sweetie little bird 
By pulling down the birdhouse on it's pole, you can see my 5th photo

Opening the door of the big birdhouse there she is again making faces, and that's my 6th photo 

The birdhouse door flips upward and now you can see my 7th and 8th photo

And a bonus photo, no 9, my little angry bird, to show she's not all sugar. She is actually wearing a pink birds thingie (not sure what the english word is)  on her head in this photo. I tried to make a nest (that's what this thing she's in was supposed to be) but it looks more like a pool hahaha

The journaling is written on the back of the birdhouse that swings from the branch. 

Thanks for visiting! I hope you like it :)


Κυριακή, 2 Μαρτίου 2014

Supreme Scrap Tournament - Scrap Diva - Round 3

Good morning :)


I made it to round 3. Thank you ladies for your votes <3 

...and this time the challenge was DOODLING! with the exception of flowers anywhere ;) 

So, I doodled and had lots of fun!!! 

The only paper I used is the base paper 30x30 everything else is hand drawn and painted with neocolorsII. 

So let's have some fun :) I hope you like it!!! 

Σάββατο, 1 Μαρτίου 2014

Supreme Scrap Tournament - Card Diva - Round 3

Hey ladies!

We are in round 3 in the Supreme Scrap Tournament and I am very happy to be amongst the ones that made it from round 2.

I want to thank all of you that voted for my card and honoured me with the 1st place in my group!

It's been so fun so far, seeing creations by girls all over the world, sharing the same love for our hobby and learning so much. It's interesting also because the challenges keep getting harder in every round as it was expected I guess ;) 

The challenge asked us to make a card (whatever size we want and use doodling in our creation, lots and lots of doodling, excluding flowers in any form :)

We can't use stamps and ready - made embellishments... all embellishments (if any) have to be hand made.

We also have to write the sentiment by hand, directly on the card. 

I went with black and white with a little touch of red.

I started with a pencil sketch.

stage 1
And then I used Faber Castell pitt artist pens and Sakura Pigma Micron Pens. I draw over the pencil

stage 2
After that, the real work started. I used 5-6 doodling patterns and filled her hair

stage 3
So after adding all the shades and little details and patterns...

This is the final result

I hope you like it! :) Thanks for visiting!

Πρόκληση Μαρτίου στο Scraps N Pieces Challenge Blog

Γειά σας κοριτσάκια!

Το Φεβρουάριο για το θέμα New είχα φτιάξει μία "σκοτεινή" σελίδα, όμως αυτό το μήνα το θέμα μου έκανε ένα ΝΤΙΝΓΚ! και αυτό ήταν κόλλησα! χαχααα όσες με ξέρετε, γνωρίζετε ότι μ' αρέσει να δημιουργώ και με χιούμορ ;) 

Οταν λοιπόν με ρώτησε η Μελένια τι φτιάχνω για την πρόκληση και της απάντησα για πλάκα τρία πουλάκια κάθονταν, που να φανταστώ ότι θα μου μείνει και θα θέλω να το φτιάξω. 

Μη νομίζετε ότι δεν είναι σοβαρή σελίδα! όοοοοχιιιιι έχει πολιτικό μήνυμα... σουτ! έχει! αμα σας ρωτήσει κάποιος... όλα καλά βρε στη χώρα σας; πως πάνε τα πράγματα; εεε, δεν του πάει το τρία πουλάκια κάθονταν... ειδικά πριν που ήταν και τρεις οι .. εμμ... αρχ..ηγοί βρε τι νομίζατε ότι θα πώ;;; τσκ τσκ τσκ παλιοκόριτσα!

Τα αγάπησα πολύ τα πουλιά μου να ξέρετε! Αλλά έχουν και πολύ δουλίτσα... 
πάμε λοιπόν να σας πώ τι έκανα. 

Το δέντρο με το κλαδί και τα πουλιά είναι έξτρα ζωγραφισμένο σε άλλο χαρτί watercolour, και κομμένο με το χέρι παρακαλώ ώστε να έχει ύψος μπροστά από τον τοίχο. Ο τοίχος είναι με στένσιλ Dylusions και modelling paste, βαμμένος με ακρυλικά Americana. 

Ο ήλιος κι αυτός κομμένος από άλλο χαρτί και βαμμένος με Distress μελάνια. 

Τα πουλιά είναι όλα χρωματισμένα με άλλο medium. Το πρώτο με ακρυλικά, το δεύτερο με dylusions και πινέλο νερού και το τρίτο με neocolors II και πινέλο νερού. 

Τα γράμματα με μαρκαδόρο και λευκό Uniball. 

Και φυσικά δεν μπορούσα να μην κόψω σύρμα και να φτιάξω τις "βελόνες" τους... με τι θα πλέκανε τα δόλια; με το δόντι;;; όχιιιι!!! επειδή βέβαια είμαι και λίγο τσίου, τις βελόνες τις ξέχασα στην αρχή... τα κόλλησα όλαααα και ΜΕΤΑ που έπρεπε να της βάλω μου βγήκε η πίστη αλλά χαλάλι.

ελπίζω να σας αρέσουν κι εσάς τα πουλάκια μου! 

Προθεσμία υποβολής συμμετοχών: 25η Μαρτίου! Ελάτε να παίξουμεεε!!!! Κρατάω απουσίες ;)